Bangladesh has a vibrant media landscape with nearly 200 national newspapers and 30 TV stations, and the sector is growing rapidly. Together with our local partner MRDI, Fojo is working with the main media houses and the most skilled male andfemale journalists to improve investigative journalism in a five-year project initiated in 2016.

We believe that the journalists and editors themselves are the true experts who know how to make improvements, so the program is designed to meet the requirements from our partners and the activities are customized.

We provide support in the areas of media management, research and presentation techniques, safety and security and ethics in reporting, with a constant focus on achieving results through getting more and better investigative stories published in Bangladeshi media.

Bangladesh – The News Nation


When responsibility becomes an issue

Between 80 and 90 percent of all work in Bangladesh is carried out in informal sectors. It creates challenges for investigative journalism on the labor market, but also opportunities.

The long road to a hypothesis

How to write your hypothesis before pitching your investigative story to your editor? Or - in this case – to your lecturer?

Maasranga TV – the importance of looking good

When the elephant passed by on the other side of the highway in the Dhaka rush hour, it really...

The importance and benefits of online research

“Why don’t they block that?”, one of the participants asks me during my stay in Bangladesh. While I am...

Bangladesh journalist learn about short-term marriage in Investigative journalism

We gathered in a lush garden retreat away from the relentless noise and traffic of central Dhaka to concentrate...



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