We strengthen journalism for a democratic and sustainable world

What is Fojo Media Institute?

Fojo, part of the Faculty for art and humanities at the Linnaeus University, is an institute that works locally, nationally and globally with the development of sustainable journalism. We work as a link between academia (research) and practice with journalism in focus. A major part of our activities are international programmes and projects. The head office is in Kalmar as Fojo is part of the Linnaeus University, located in Småland in the southern parts of Sweden. We also have offices in Stockholm, Harare, Addis Abeba, Mogadishu, Dhaka and Yangon (temporarily closed). 

Fojo around the world

A major part of our activities are international programmes and projects. We are present in Eastern and Central Europe, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia and several Sub-Saharan African countries.

Strategies, methods and goals

Fojo aims to strengthen and develop journalism and media in Sweden and the rest of the world. All activities are based on our three keywords: free, independent and professional. Click below to find more details on how we work to move forward.

Latest news

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