Mobile Journalism brings out hope and confidence for youth in refugee camp

During the digital transformation, many newsrooms have to shift their nature of newsrooms and reporting methods from traditional to multimedia reporting style, in which...

Fundraising Training in Hanoi: A fresh breeze of inspiration

Vietnam Journalism Training Centre was carrying a hope to have an independent funding source into the three-day workshop - and had their hopes strengthened.

Mobile Journalism a way to empower women journalists in sensitive areas

Embracing mobile journalism isn't only a way of moving forward - it's also a way of bringing advantage to women journalists in a sensitive area, says expert Henna Saeed.



Offentlighetsjouren offers Swedish journalists help to access information.


Demokratijouren offers help and advise to prevent hate and harassment against journalists.


Faktajouren provides information and education on how to do fact-checking.


A website with help for those who covers EU - both abroad and locally.

Fojo’s SEA Partners Host Organisational Gender Assessment Workshop

Fojo Media Institute’s SEA partners—Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) and Cambodia Centre for Independent Media (CCIM) —have hosted an organisational gender assessment workshops in the...

A Quick Look at the first ever MOJO in Asia

Lots of things to be learned from the Mobile Journalism conference in Bangkok - the first ever MOJO in Asia.

Working Towards Better Journalism in Laos

Focus on online journalism and storytelling at first Fojo organised training in Laos.

SEA Partners meet and plan for the final period of the project

Six partners of Southeast Asia Media Training Network (SEAMTN) gathered at Vientiane, the capital of Laos PDR for an Annual Partnership Meeting last week.

Media expert urges to find solutions outside the industry

Alan Soon, the co-founder of Singapore’s Splice Media, gave an expert lecture during the Annual Partnership Meeting of Southeast Asia Media Training Network (SEAMTN),...

UNESCO highlights attacks against journalism

  With gender-based attacks globally on the rise in the field of journalism, UNESCO was organizing an event on June 18, 2019 at its headquarters...

IPDC agrees to fund 41 projects on media development

The IPDC is the only multilateral forum in the UN system designed to mobilize the international community to discuss and promote media development in...

Bui Thanh Tam, Vietnam: “A passion to learn and share”

"In July 2018, going to Bangkok to attend the training course on “Field Safety and Cyber Security” for journalist was my first time going...

Su Myat Wai, Myanmar: “A great opportunity to learn and expand”

”I am Su Myat Wai, a fulltime journalism trainer for Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) since February 2015. Before joining MJI, I worked for Kumudra and Modern...

When responsibility becomes an issue

Between 80 and 90 percent of all work in Bangladesh is carried out in informal sectors. It creates challenges for investigative journalism on the labor market, but also opportunities.


The annual East Africa trip

This year was the third time Fojo, on behalf of the Swedish Journalism Foundation, organised a field trip to East Africa.