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A major part of our activities are international programmes and projects. We are present in Eastern and Central Europe, Southeast Asia and sevarl Sub-Sahara African countries.

Strategies, methods and goals

Fojo aims to strengthen and develop journalism and media in Sweden and the rest of the world. All activities are based on our three catchwords: free, independent and professional. Click below to find more details on how we work to move forward.

Latest news

Fact checking takes off in Bangladesh

Last year, Qadaruddin Shishir was a regular journalist at Jamuna Television in Dhaka. Today he is a fact-checkerand one of two co-founders of BD FactCheck.

New media network emerged amid the worst of media …

Since late 2017, Cambodia plunked down rank every year in world media freedom index and while the concerning situation continued, a glim of light emerged. Cambodia Journalist Alliance (CamboJA) launch…

The Female newspaper Vendors of Zimbabwe

From the time when modern news media was born, men have dominated the industry. Both in terms of representation in content and among reporters behind the stories. In recent years some radical changes …