“Autocracy is just a step away from democracy”

Journalists are the watchdogs of democracy, but in the Western Balkans as in many other countries around the world, they’re under attack. From harassment to violence, brave reporters face pressure from those in power. Governments must do more to protect journalists. Fojo’s Creative partnership programme, funded by Svenska institutet, is working to support free press […]

Seeing the world through bug eyes: Future journalists learn why insects matter

Students at Mount Kigali University (MKU), the University of Rwanda, East African University Rwanda and Institut Catholique de Kabgayi ICK recently participated in a course on TV production and environmental journalism. The course taught students how to report on the environment, through the lens of some of its smallest components.

Traumautbildning hjälper reportrar att hantera konfliktens efterverkningar

Många kvinnliga journalister i den etiopiska regionen Tigray har stött på trauman när de rapporterat om en förödande inbördeskonflikt. För att hjälpa dem att läka och fortsätta sitt viktiga arbete, stöttade Fojo nyligen Ethiopian Women’s Media Association genom att organisera en utbildning fokuserad på mental hälsa och rapportering om trauma. Utbildningen erbjöd en trygg plats […]

Media viability in Ethiopia – A digital transformation

In response to the challenges faced by Ethiopian media outlets, Fojo, with support from SIDA and Danida, has spearheaded a transformative initiative to enhance media viability. As a result, The Reporter, a prominent media outlet, has gained substantial online traction and monetised its digital platforms.

Expanding voices: Empowering communities through local radio

Ethiopia faces hurdles in accessing inclusive mainstream media due to diverse communities, language barriers, and low literacy rates, especially in rural areas. Community radio serves as a vital solution, amplifying local voices, languages, and cultural expressions. Fojo’s support for community radio not only bridges these gaps but also ensures equal access to information across Ethiopia.

Community radio empowers youth to select their own spouses

High financial demands from parents have prevented young individuals in Ethiopia’s Kore community from marrying freely, often leaving them indebted and without homes. With support from Fojo, Kore Community Radio FM 92.3 initiated a mentorship program. This platform enabled community members to voice their experiences, raising awareness about detrimental traditional practices affecting the lives of young men and women. Increased dialogue has gradually granted Kore’s youth the autonomy to select their own partners.

AWiM23 introduces bold declaration to tackle gender-based violence

The AWiM23-Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, on 30 Nov – 1 December, will present a declaration that addresses the critical issue of gender-based violence (GBV), both regarding the kinds of violence women in media experience and how media represents gender-based violence in its content.

”You should feel safe in your workplace”

In mid-November 2023, 33 media houses in Rwanda endorsed the ”Rwanda Media Anti Sexual Harassment Policy,” vowing to address workplace sexual harassment. Developed by the media sector with support from Fojo’s Rwanda Media Programme, Annelie Frank, Programme Manager for the Rwanda Media Programme, highlights that experiencing sexual harassment affects female journalists personally and impacts their representation in Rwanda’s already low female journalist count.

“We’ve reached a remarkable milestone”

Gender representation and gender-based violence in journalism are globally discussed issues, including in Somalia’s predominantly male-dominated industry. Despite unique challenges like limited resources, censorship, and ongoing conflict in the media landscape, strides are being made towards change.


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