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Through a four year programme of capacity building Fojo Media Institute together with the School of Journalism and Communication at University of Rwanda, and financed by the Swedish government, aim to create a school of excellence to educate the Rwandan journalists of tomorrow.

1. The programme will strengthen the academic and professional advancement of the staff at the SJC. The curriculum and syllabus will be developed further and a Masters Degree in Journalism and Communication studies will be established.
2. Trainers will help students understand media’s social, economic and political role in a democracy and make sure they are able to conduct professional journalism in an evolving media landscape. The needs of students will be monitored and addressed.
3. Journalism education and training at SJC will be more adapted to the needs of the professional demands of the media industry as well as contributing significantly to Rwandan media reforms.
4. The SJC regional and international networks will be improved and exchange programmes for teachers and students explored. The programme will engage regional and international journalists within the media industry to train the students as well as establish networks for future collaboration.
5. The professional working relations and exchanges between the Rwandan media industry and SJC will be improved and extended.
6. Finally, more efficient institutional, administrative and management structures and routines will be established at SJC.

The program has commissioned Transparency International Rwanda to do a baseline study and eight background analysis of the media context and the environment in which SJC operates. You can find the study and the analysis here.

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@fergb Hi. Coming to London 25-26 Sep. Setting up fact checking hub in Sweden. Would like to meet you. Do you have time?

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