Fojo has been active in Myanmar since 2011, supporting exiled media. In 2012 Fojo started working with a number of Myanmar partners, engaged in establishing entry-level and mid-career training for journalists. In cooperation with local partners Fojo is offering training according to local needs, such as basic skills, news room management, training of trainers and more.

Furthermore, Fojo supports the newly founded Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI), the country’s first national, independent journalism school. The MJI has been established in close collaboration with the Myanmar media industry and a number of international media development partners (Fojo, IMS, CFI and DWA). MJI started offering a part-time diploma for working journalists in 2014. Full-time diploma courses and further training for working journalists were introduced during 2015. Fojo is also supporting MJI in developing curricula, training of trainers, and by providing funding for training courses and equipment.

Fojo’s work in Myanmar has a strong focus on gender. As part of Fojo’s cooperation with MJI, a first study to highlight the role of women within the Myanmar media industry has been conducted. The study has been well received among local media professionals and will be followed by gender-sensitizing training of media organizations and trainers/lecturers. A pilot project to support women’s organizations to start up community radio stations has also been initiated.

Working with International Media Support and with financial contributions from the Government of Sweden, Fojo’s work in Myanmar will continue until 2019. The two organisations will continue their long-term engagement with Myanmar’s media, policy makers and institutions towards the development of a professional, independent and accountable media in Myanmar. The programme which runs from April 2016 – April 2019 will focus on

  1. support to media-related law and policy-making;
  2. professionalization of journalists and strengthening ethical standards; as well as
  3. community media and access to information.

In addition, Fojo is working with the Myanmar Journalism Institute which is a partner in a three year project to strengthen a network of journalism training institutes in Southeast Asia.


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