The ECER Programme covers eight countries:

  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Moldova
  • Georgia
  • Poland
  • Latvia
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine

The Programme is expected to generate outcomes in three areas essential to media development: media independence, media professionalism and media literacy. Focus is set on supporting media management as a means to strengthen media independence as well as enhance the quality of journalism.

In the beginning of the Programmme a number of common challenges and problems were identified together with the partner organisations. Despite the differences in political and economic context, the challenges described by the partners were remarkably similar. Cross-regional cooperation provides an important platform for experience and best praxis (as well as failures) exchange among countries with the same “point of departure”.

Creating conditions for professional, multifaceted and ethical journalism in the Eastern Europe is one of the cornerstones in the process of re-building trust and credibility for the media in the region.


Succeeding in Challenging Environment: Fojo’s Conference for Eastern Europe

To increase your website’s traffic by 89% through meticulous work with analytics. To report from remote villages in the mountains – and make people’s life...

Media Literacy Camp: En späckad vecka med nyttigt nätverkande

“It was crucial and inspiring to learn about the Swedish experience. Their attitude towards spreading media literacy and promoting it to individual citizens.” En av...

Svetlana Alexievich at Conference on Media Challenges in Minsk

Svetlana Alexievich, the Nobel Prize Laureate in literature, spoke and answered questions of the audience at a conference Fojo held jointly with Belarusian Association...

New research: Gender in the Russian Media Landscape

With support from Fojo and its Russian partners, researches from the The Russian Scientific Academy Institution conducted a gender research during the autumn of...

Oleg makes his marks

It was 16 years ago, in 2000, when Oleg Khomenok from Ukraine came to Fojo in Kalmar fort the first time, then with a...


Ideas to journalist teachers

Published: 2006 Language: Russian File size: 6.4MB View and download >>

Gender in Belarusian Media Landscape

Unique research conducted by Fojo and its partners in Belarus show how gender bias is built into the power structures of media organisations and...

Does gender equality in the media really matter? (Russian)

Published: 2019-02-26 Language: Russian File size: 0.2MB View and download >>

Does gender equality in the media really matter? (English)

Published: 2019-02-26 Language: English File size: 0.2MB View and download >>

Strategy of the Inevitable Transfer (extract)

Russian publisher Yuri Purgin has written a book where he reflects upon how smaller media houses should think when they face the challenges that...

Gender report Russia 2017

Published: 2017 Language: Russian File size: 9MB View and download >>

Code of ethics

Language: Russian File size: 0.2MB View and download >>

Quo Vadis?

Published: 2016 Language: Russian File size: 6.5MB View and download >>

Management for Media

Quo vadis? Articles by Russian media experts on trends and business models in media. Published: 2016 Language: Russian File size: 7MB View and download >>

НОВОСТИ Сложное искусство работы с информацией

Published: 2008 Language: Russian Editor: Erik Fichtelius File size: 2.6MB View and download >>


Veronika Menjoun

International Programme Manager


Phone:+46 480 44 64 15

Mobile:+46 703 52 37 10


Sara Karlén

International Programme Coordinator


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Mobile:+46 725 86 72 50


Marie Nilsonne

International Finance Officer


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Mobile:+46 727 14 86 50

Robert Winter

International Finance Officer


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