Fojo to conduct its second media consumption survey in Rwanda

Street image from Rwanda

Fojo’s Rwanda Media Programme has started to prepare for a second media consumption survey in early 2024. This survey follows the successful completion of the first survey in 2021, which aimed to assess the Rwandan media sector nationwide, including the rural areas which had not previously been included.

The primary objective of the national audience research conducted in 2021 was to provide the Rwandan media sector with valuable audience data. This data is crucial for media houses to better understand their target groups and tailor their content accordingly.

The media sector in Rwanda has long expressed the need for comprehensive national audience research, as previous studies were limited to urban areas like Kigali and failed to cover rural regions where the majority of the population resides.

In response to this need, Fojo Media Institute in partnership with  Swedish Radio Media Development Office (SR MDO), and with the support from the Swedish Embassy in Kigali  and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), prioritised providing the media sector with data and insights on media consumption patterns across all regions and media categories in the country. The research aims not only to understand overall media consumption patterns but also to gain more detailed information about content preferences and media usage which in turn is crucial for attracting advertisers and thus  generate income.

The second national media consumption survey will further develop local actors´ skills to conduct, analyze and use audience research results.

Read more about the national media consumption survey report from 2021 along with appendices, with a deeper analysis of different media types such as radio, television, newspaper and online as well as a summary of the results.

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