• Female Myanmar journalists in new society

    MWJS working group.– Thanks to Fojo for giving me training in Newsroom Management, says Cherry Htike when I meet her again at the first ever workshop organised by Myanmar Women Journalist Society, MWJ...

    2016-08-04 00:04:44 | Nyheter

  • Ryska journalister om hat och hot

    Foto: Lars TallertHat, hot, misstro och propaganda dominerar alltmer journalisternas vardag. I Sverige, i Ryssland och i andra länder. Hur är det möjligt att fortsätta producera god, granskande journa...

    2016-05-24 09:02:31 | Nyheter

  • Pressfriheten krymper i Ryssland

    De ryska journalisterna och aktivisterna Nadezda Azhgikhina och Victoria Ivleva har under mer än 30 år slagits för att göra det möjligt för oberoende journalister att verka i Ryssland. Men det blir al...

    2016-05-24 08:47:26 | Nyheter

  • Community media in Myanmar steps forward

      First licenses for community broadcasting stations are expected next year. Photo: Petra Quiding“In our area we don’t have police and military, but we have drug lords. It’s very difficult and v...

    2015-11-13 10:07:07 | Nyheter

  • Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape

    New study on women’s roles in Myanmar media

    Fojo staff in Yangon recently presented the first gender study of its kind ever conducted in Myanmar. As it raised awareness of the role of women in the media industry, the results were well received ...

    2015-04-02 09:57:37 | Nyheter

  • Myanmar Womens Magazine

    Myanmar: First women's rights magazine hits the stands

    A women's magazine focusing on women rights. I might be the only one in Myanmar.–There are so many fashion magazine for the elite, says owner and publisher May Thingyan Hein. I wanted to educate the g...

    2015-04-01 13:15:21 | Nyheter