At Fojo, we strongly believe in the importance of always following our core values, code of conduct and behaviour. We take pride in managing global projects funded by donors, partners and governments and the fact that we as an organisation have been trusted by these partners and institutions.

Therefore, it is important to us that all irregularities are reported and looked into, whether they are issues of possible corruption, sexual harassments, unethical behaviour or likewise.


We want you to be able to report irregularities safely. Therefore we strongly recommend you to use the Tor network to submit information. Tor is an anonymous browser that will keep you from getting tracked and it can be downloaded here.

When submitting the form, you can choose to either enter some contact information, or to stay completely anonymous. All submissions will receive a unique code that you can choose to store in order to follow up on the progress of the submission.


After your submission has been sent, specially and externally assigned recipients will be notified. These people are not affiliated with Fojo or our partners and have no strings attached or any other obligations to us.

The recipients will review the submission and decide how to handle it: whether to forward to the Fojo director, to the president of the Linnaeus University, to the police or whether to take any other action appropriate for the specific case. The recipients will then acknowledge the submission by commenting on it (comment is only visible to the whistleblower).