Our impact on media in Sweden and internationally

As the challenges facing the news industry intensify, we remain committed to providing journalists with the skills and tools required to perform their roles more effectively.

In 2023 thousands of journalists participated in our activities, from our professional training courses for Swedish journalists to newsroom development programmes in countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe where media freedom is limited.

A newsroom that reflects the community it serves improves the democratic discourse, fosters understanding across different groups and promotes social cohesion. To this end, our work with gender and inclusion in media continued in 2023, changing perspectives and enriching reporting by empowering a diverse range of voices.

Our work is driven by partnerships, sharing knowledge and experience across the international media landscape. In 2023 we deepened our connections with dozens of media companies, universities, industry bodies and NGOs who share our commitment to journalism that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. These collaborative efforts are vital in fostering a more adaptable and resilient news environment.

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