Seeing the world through bug eyes: Future journalists learn why insects matter

Jeannette Kawera (in red to the right in the picture) with her fellow students examining insects in the field. Second photo: Student Jeannette Kawera studies journalism at Mount Kigali University.

Students at Mount Kigali University (MKU), the University of Rwanda, East African University Rwanda and Institut Catholique de Kabgayi ICK recently participated in a course on TV production and environmental journalism. The course, led by Swedish environmental journalist Anneli Megner Arn, taught students how to report on the environment, through the lens of some of its smallest components.

“I was surprised to find out how crucial of a role insects play and that there are people who are specialised on these small creatures. I had no idea they played such an important role in our ecosystems” said Jeannette Kawera, a student at MKU who spent a whole week delving into their world together with nineteen other soon-to-be journalists. “I want to urge young people in all sectors to learn more about the environment and to look into climate change. As journalists, we can play a huge role in supporting our communities by spreading awareness about climate change and that we collectively can create change.”

Jeannette Kawera wrote an article about her and her fellow students’ experiences in Mount Kigali Magazine. Read it here.

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