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In May 2020, the west coast of Bangladesh was hit by Cyclone Amphan, at a time of lockdown due to coronavirus. There was no public transport and newsgathering was difficult. Award-winning Bangladeshi journalist Rafiqul Islam Montu says that thanks to the Investigative Journalism Partnership, which covered the cost of an eight-day trip, he was able to compile enough information to file a series of five reports on the situation which led to the government taking action in the affected area.

Montu, who was born in a small coastal community in Bangladesh, grew up determined that “the voices of these marginalised people would reach the decision makers” so that it would be “easier for the government to set policy on the coast”.

He travels by boat, rickshaw, van, or foot. “I have to walk a long way to places where there is no transportation and have walked 25 kilometres in one day,” he says…


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