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Fojo programmes around the world

Fojo operates in Sweden, where the head office is located, as well as in countries in five regions around the world where we prefer to work with national or regional partners who have a long-term perspective and a clear ownership of media developments in the region/country as well as a broad approach on how to make real and lasting change.

Media development for democracy in Myanmar

Fojo has been working with Myanmar media since 2010.

Investigative journalism in Bangladesh

Together with our local partner MRDI (Management and Resources Development Intitiative), Fojo runs a five-year project in Bangladesh.

Media development in Sub-Saharan Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, Fojo Media Institute and five other organizations work together to unite

Strengthened media in Somalia

Fojo Media Institute together with International Media Support (IMS) manages a media development program in Somalia and Somaliland

ZimMedia21 – factcheck and community media

Fojo has been supporting the media sector in Zimbabwe since 2007, through a wide range of local partners

Strengthened training for journalists in Rwanda

The project is largely focused on the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) at the University of Rwanda

Against corruption in Kenya

Action for Transparency (A4T) is a media development and anti-corruption project run by Fojo and Transparency International Kenya.

From hopes to realities in Ethiopia

After decades of repressive governance, hopes of reform have been created in Ethiopia, including aspirations for free media and a wider scop…

Destin – for democracy in Ukraine

This project aims to improve and develop Ukrainian journalism education, by reviewing and reforming current BA and MA programmes by raising …

Free, independent and professional journalism in Eastern and Central E…

The program is expected to produce results in three areas that are crucial for media development: media independence, media professionalism …

South East Asia Media Training Network

The project aims to strengthen free, independent and professional journalism while supporting freedom of expression. In Southeast Asia, the …