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Welcome to Fojo's consultant portal

Fojo Consultant portal provides guidelines, regulations as well as useful information when conducting an assignment for Fojo. All consultants contracted by Fojo are expected to follow the guidelines and rules described in Appendix 1 which is an integral part of the Consultancy Agreement. Besides, the following information is also available for the consultants (at the bottom of the page):
You can find the full Appendix I (article 1-14) below or download here.
Linnaeus University has a responsibility to reduce its climate impact and set an example, both by means of reduced travel and also by increasing the proportion of trips that can be regarded as being made in an environmentally friendly way. When booking a trip, the choice of route, mode of travel, and accommodations are to be based on what is most appropriate for each individual trip when the benefits to our activities, climate and environmental impact, work environment aspects, gender equality, direct costs, and time required, as well as the safety of the person travelling, are taken into account.
NOTE! Fojo will reimburse, when receipts are provided, actual costs related to travel if the travel is agreed with Fojo in advance. Booking your travel: Linnaeus University, Fojo currently uses Stureplans travel agency as its supplier when it comes to booking travel. You book your travel by sending an email to: affarsresor@stureplans.se
NOTE! Before booking your travel with the agency, you must have your travel itinerary confirmed by Fojo. 
When you book your travel with Stureplans travel agency, you must always provide Reference information (can be found at the top of the agreement, Article 1.) 
For travel within Sweden: We assume that you travel by train to and from the course, lecture, assignment. If you need to fly domestically, there must be a special reason for this. Practical and useful information when travelling to Kalmar and Stockholm can be found here: Link to the file on Consultant portal.
Transportation Airport/Residence and local tarnsportation: Public transportation should be used, when possible, taxi will only be refunded if and when the time of travel is substantially shortened compared with using public transportation and it is agreed with Fojo in advance.
Economy class: Fojo travels in Economy class. Travel bookings should be done well in advance to obtain the lowest fare with a reasonable travel plan.
Change of reservations: Contact Stureplans travel agency (see above) for changing of reservation, that must be first approved by Fojo. Please note, that you need your booking reference for any contact regarding your ticket, the booking reference can be found on your electronic ticket.
Mileage allowance: Fojo can if agreed prior to the travel reimburse mileage allowance in accordance with Linnaeus University’s travel policy.
Accommodation: Fojo stays at mid class hotels where safety, cleanness and access to the Internet are key factors when choosing the hotel. The reservation must be agreed and made through Fojo if no other agreements have been made.
Visa: Fojo provides visa application support depending on visa requirements.
Internet/Telephone on International assignment: Communication necessary to the assignment is refunded. Communication through online services is preferred, mobile phones should only be used when it’s absolutely necessary.
Expenses related to travel: Fojo reimburses daily allowances for increased daily living expenses associated with business trips. The business trip must involve an overnight stay and be outside of one’s regular place of work.
Daily allowance is half in case:
  • business trip starts at noon or later
  • business trip ends at noon or earlier
  • Breakfast 15% deduction
  • Lunch and dinner 70% deduction
  • Lunch or dinner 35% deduction
  • All meals 85% deduction
Costs in relation to the assignment: (pre-agreed with Fojo)
Reimbursable costs:
  • Per diem according to Swedish Tax Agency
  • Accommodation
  • International and national air and train tickets
  • Transportation Airport/Residence
  • Local transportation
  • Interpreters
  • Cost for Internet
  • Vaccinations
  • Visa
Non-reimbursable costs:
  • Laundry
  • Excess luggage
  • Tip
Invoicing: The following information must be stated on the invoice submitted to Fojo:  
  • Reference information can be found in article 1 in the agreement.   
  • Cost carrier (if applicable):  
  • Information* of where (in which country) the work has been performed  
  • Type of the performed work/ name of the activity 
  • Number of hours, days 
  • Dates of the assignment 
  • Agreement number (can be found at the top of the document) 
You can use Fojo Invoice template 
Tax regulations: Contractees outside Sweden but within the EU should NOT add VAT on the invoices, the following text should be included on the invoices: Fojo/Linnaeus University is VAT exempt, and VAT is not applied according to EU regulations. This invoice is exempt from VAT; Fojo VAT exemption number is SE202100627101. International Contractees (outside Sweden) are responsible for payment of any taxes including, but not limited to, federal, state and local taxes incurred through the contractor’s activities in accordance with this contract. Upon request from Fojo, the Contractee is responsible to provide proof of paid taxes. *All organisations that perform work/ assignments on site in Sweden but not registered at the Swedish Tax Agency (F-skatt) are subject to tax deduction. Fojo Media Institute will be obliged to withhold 30 % tax from payment for the work performed in Sweden.  
Fojo Contractees are guided by and shall follow Fojo Safety Guidelines.  
Insurance: Fojo Media Institute provides insurance for Swedish citizens under a state insurance via Kammarkollegiet. For more information on insurance for Swedish citizens contact Fojo.  Fojo does not provide insurance for international Contractees; therefore, Contractees are responsible for their own insurance. 
Covid-19: This assignment will be carried out in a time of COVID-19 uncertainties. Contractees are responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions and follow guidelines of the national health services of the country in which the activity is conducted.  Any unforeseen and additional costs associated with the changing of demands of national health service regarding COVID-19 must be pre-approved by Fojo. If the study/assignment is postponed a new deadline is to be documented in writing. The assignment under special circumstances may need to be held digitally instead of on site. As a course leader / lecturer, contractee, you must be prepared to complete the course via Zoom (or other digital tools). Fojo provides practical help, and you get more information before the assignment. 
Contractees are expected to submit a report after the completion of the assignment, unless otherwise agreed upon with Fojo.  (For other consultancies see separate ToR for reporting format.) The purpose of the report is to measure the results and effectiveness of the training. The report should cover the following headings: 
  1. Main objectives and concrete objectives of the course 
  2. Description of the participants: Number of participants, target group, gender balance, age, TV/radio/print/new media, private/government media 
  3. Description of course objectives and content: A summary of the course objectives (concrete, achievable, time bound and measurable) and content 
  4. Summary of oral and written evaluations made by the participants 
  5. Objectives reached (results)
    1. Which of the objectives did the group reach? Why? What contributed to the result of the course? 
    2. Did the group fail to reach any of the objectives? Why? What could be done instead?
  6. Obstacles/ Problems. Any divergence from the original programme? Why? 
  7. Reflections on the methodology/pedagogy of the course 
  8. Recommendations for the future 
Either party may by written notice terminate this agreement, in whole or in part, effective immediately, should the other party breach the agreement in any important way. Due to unforeseen circumstances Fojo reserves the right to change the date, location or scope of the assignment, in agreement with the Contractee. 
Under certain circumstances the assignment may need to be completed digitally; Fojo is responsible for practical and technical assistance. Should Fojo cancel the assignment later than 30 days without postponing the assignment, the Contractee will be reimbursed for the preparation time spent on the assignment.  The Contractee may not assign or transfer the agreement, or any part thereof, to anyone, or engage any sub-Contractee to perform any part of the Services, without the prior approval of Fojo. 
No amendments to this Agreement shall be binding unless made in writing and signed by all of the parties. 
The intellectual property rights of any material produced by the Contractee under the scope of work belong to the Contractor. Fojo Media Institute is entitled to use any material collected, prepared and acquired for the assignment for the purpose of the continuation, further development and implementation of the assignment and the project.  
As a Contractee you guarantee handling information regarding Fojo’s operations with discretion. You must obtain Fojo´s consent to hand out or publish information concerning Fojo. 
According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), the consent is required to process Contractee´s personal information. By signing this agreement, Contractees give their consent to processing the personal data by Fojo within the period of the assignment. If a Contractee wants to correct, revise or remove any of the personal information, it can be done at any time. The agreement will be archived at Fojo as well as in Linnaeus University’s central registry. All correspondence and documents submitted to Fojo are subject to the principle of public access to information.  
When working for Fojo, Contractees represent Fojo Media Institute and are no longer independent reporters or journalists. Contractees shall be guided by Fojos vision and mission. 
Fojo’s Vision 2030 
The world is facing an era of immense environmental, social, and economic challenges, both at a local and global level. These challenges demand a new understanding of the role of journalism in society. Just as independent journalism is an inalienable part of democracy, Fojo sees it as an essential element of an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable society. We call this new way of looking at the role of journalism sustainable journalism. On this basis, Fojo has formulated its vision: The public has access to the journalism it needs to make informed and sustainable decisions so that people have power over their lives and can, together with others, form sustainable, democratic, and inclusive societies.  
Fojo’s mission 
Together with partners we strengthen journalism, enabling democracy and sustainability. 
Code of Practice 
Contractees who undertake assignments on behalf of Fojo Media Institute shall follow GFMD Code of practice (Global Forum for Media Development) that can be found here: GFMD Code of practice 
Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled amicably through negotiations between the Parties. Any right or obligation set out in the Agreement is subject to Swedish laws regulations and administrative instructions issued by a responsible Swedish governmental authority. 
If delivery and/or completion of the agreement is hindered by delay/deficiency/damage caused by a legally authorized intervention or injunction by public authorities, acts of war, labour disturbances, prohibitions, restrictions, rejected permits, accidents, or other similar circumstances or events that the affected party was unable to foresee at the time of the signing of the agreement, and the results of which said party is unable to avoid or provide against by the exercise of reasonable diligence, the affected party shall be exempted from the obligation to provide agreed upon services to the extent of the impact of force majeure. 
Contractees shall use Fojo graphic templates during presentations or other contacts. The following templates can be downloaded here: 
It is of great importance for Fojo that all irregularities are reported and looked into, whether they are issues of possible corruption, sexual harassments, unethical behaviour or likewise. Please go to: https://fojo.se/visselblasare/ for more information and reporting of irregularities.