• Proactivity and collaboration to prevent hate and threats

    Women journalists are being increasingly targeted by hate and harassments. To tackle the situation there is an urgent need for more global data, cooperation and tailored support systems.

    2018-04-26 10:48:01 | News

  • New research: Gender in the Russian Media Landscape

    With support from Fojo and its Russian partners, researches from the The Russian Scientific Academy Institution conducted a gender research during the autumn of 2016. The findings shows how gender bia...

    2017-04-03 13:24:11 | News

  • Gender Belarus

    Unique research: Gender in the Belarusian Media Landscape

    From Belarus we hear about unrest and the arrests of people who are taking part in protests. At the same time, a unique research conducted by Fojo and its partners in Belarus show how gender bias is b...

    2017-03-28 10:46:00 | News

  •  Q&A on Women in Myanmar media

    Q&A on Women in Myanmar media

    8 March is International Women’s Day and we are taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the challenges and opportunities faced by IMS-Fojo’s partners and colleagues within the Myanmar media s...

    2017-03-09 09:40:45 | News

  • Somalia: More female editors not enough

    A group of 12 smiling women pose for the photographer, clutching a white certificate in hand.The women are all journalists from Somalia and the smiles can be attributed to the fact that have just comp...

    2017-02-03 13:29:40 | News

  • Women in Zimbabwe commemorated the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Press Act

    Maria Selin, Head of Development Cooperation for the Embassy of Sweden in Harare gave a brief background about the first Freedom of Expression Act, which was enacted in Sweden 250 years ago on 2 Decem...

    2017-01-09 15:17:55 | News

  • Jessikka Aro - an investigative journalist that became target of Russian trolls

    Jessikka Aro, a Finnish investigative journalist subjected to threats, harassment and demonstrations since she reported the role of Russian internet trolls in Finland. The events led to that 22 F...

    2016-12-16 09:37:27 | News

  • Women in Somali Media

    In connection with the celebration of the 250th anniversary of Sweden’s – and the world’s – first Press Act, the ’Women in Somali Media’ event was organized in Mogadishu by the Swedish Embassy, Fojo, ...

    2016-12-12 17:29:29 | News

  • Some events from the seminar 2 december

    We were told many gruesome strong stories and got testimonies of hatred, intimidation and harassment by the female journalists that participated.The seminar showed the power of journalism and its impo...

    2016-12-03 11:55:10 | News

  • Ways to defy hate and threats against women journalists

    December 2 was the 250 anniversary of the Swedish press freedom. While freedom of expression is threatened from many sides, journalists are threatened, harassed and killed.Internet hate is part of thi...

    2016-12-02 08:53:14 | News