Press and media

High resolution images

These images are free to use for any editorial purpose. If you wish to use them for other purposes, you need to contact us first for permission. Please email or call communications officer Anders Behrmann.

Kersti Forsberg

DirectorDonwload jpeg

Annicka Flovin

Head of education and thematic projectsDonwload jpeg

Lars Tallert

Head of international policy and developmentDonwload jpeg

Annelie Frank

Project manager Faktajouren (Fact-checking)Donwload jpeg

Hanna Andersson

Project manager Demokratijouren (Prevention of hate and harassment)Donwload jpeg

Logos and graphic manual

In the zip file below, we have included all versions of the Fojo logotype for web (jpg and png) and for print (eps and pdf).

Graphic profile (Swedish)

Donwload pdf

Graphic profile (English)

Donwload pdf