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We are media researchers, practitioners, educators and media leaders that develop knowledge and practice on how journalism can be made more sustainable and at the same time contribute to a sustainable society: in research, education, business and journalistic practice.

Let us assist you in finding new partners for sustainable collaboration. In Bangladesh, MRDI and Fojo are about to set up a Sustainable Journalism Centre. The Environmental Investigate Forum and the Linnaeus University are setting up a collaboration on teaching sustainable journalism. In sub-Saharan Africa, Wits and Fojo will make a pilot study on sustainable journalism. And there is more to follow.

The very first community members met in Kalmar and Stockholm in June, 2022, constituted a new NGO and exchanged ideas on how to move forward. Now we need you to grow strong.

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Here are some of the things we aim to do:

  • Define sustainable journalism as a new research area, opening up for new research projects
  • Find out what kind of journalism that effectively communicates sustainability challenges
  • Find out what kind of sustainable journalism the public is willing to pay for
  • Communicate successful sustainable business models for media in middle- and low-income countries
  • Communicate environmentally sustainable production and distribution models
  • Develop knowledge on how to set up a socially sustainable newsroom
  • Develop trainings in sustainable journalism reporting
  • Develop a syllabus on sustainable journalism for schools of journalism.