Daniel S. Ogalde

Project Manager
Diversity, New Colleague

Daniel S. Ogalde is a project manager with a particular focus on diversity and equality. Daniel has over ten years of experience from the non-profit sector, journalism and communication with a clear diversity perspective. He has worked with actors such as Amnesty, Doctors Without Borders, Diakonia and Fryshuset on diversity issues such as women’s and LGBTQ rights, young people and ethnic minorities.

Based in Latin America, he has had assignments for, among others, I24News, Blank Spot Project, SVT, Flamman and Arbetaren. Daniel regularly writes about equality, diversity and communication for publications such as Resumé, ETC, GP as well as Opulens and QX. Since 2020, he sits on the board of both Nattskiftet and the Diversity Council, where he pursues issues around gender equality. Daniel studied Radio Production at Luleå University of Technology and trained at Berghs School of Communication.

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