Carl-Magnus Höglund

Project Manager
Ethiopia, Zimbabwe

Carl-Magnus Höglund is programme manager for Fojo’s programmes in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. He has worked as a journalist since 2002, mainly as a freelance journalist with a particular focus on culture and education, but also in several different roles at daily newspapers and as a magazine editor. He has also done reporting trips in the Middle East, South America and Africa, as well as doing an internship at the organisation ACME in Uganda where he conducted a survey on press freedom. Carl-Magnus has also sat on the board of the Swedish union for journalists and was chairman of the local union for freelancers in West Sweden (Västra Frilansklubben) for ten years and worked as a press communicator at the University of Gothenburg. Carl-Magnus graduated from JMG – the journalism school at the University of Gothenburg – and has a master’s degree in global studies from the University of Gothenburg.

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