Fojo supports research through our capacity-building programs globally. You can search among Fojo's publications, reports and articles either here or in Diva, the Digital Scientific Archive.

In order to improve the quality, visibility and accessibility and to streamline the production and distribution of Fojo-related publications, Fojo together with Linnaeus University’s library has relaunched its publication series in two formats: “Fojo study series” and “Fojo media insights”. Both series are produced according to an established editorial program and are available at Diva, the Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet. The series launched in January 2023. Material published before then is not included in these series.

“Fojo study series” consists of leading studies from projects that Fojo is involved in or commissioned by Fojo. These studies provide original knowledge, insights, relevant policy advice or stimulate further inquiry and debate. They are written with the ideal of independence, integrity and inspiration.

“Fojo media insights”  (MIs) are reports reserved for the publication of work in progress, conference studies, journalistic articles and portraits, talks and studies of activities or projects in the form of documentation rather than analysis and assessment. The purpose of Fojo MIs is to stimulate ongoing work and discussion within our selected key areas.

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