Strategy, methods and goals

1. What we do

Fojo works to strengthen and develop journalism and media in Sweden and the rest of the world. Our base is the three keywords free, independent and professional.

No matter where, all journalism according to Fojo should be:


Free journalism will not arise by itself. Laws and regulations are required to promote and protect freedom of expression. Self-regulatory bodies are also needed to care for and maintain free journalism. An important part is the right to information for journalists and the public.


Journalism must stand free from political and economic influence. It is a prerequisite for the independence of the media. With independent media and journalists, journalism becomes broader, more interesting, contributes to diversity and counteracts abuse of power and corruption.


Journalism must be true, relevant, accurate, impartial and accountable. Following this, you contribute to a free, independent and professional journalism.


2. How we work

Fojo helps and supports journalists and the media in many different ways. All in the service of free, independent and professional journalism. Trainings, mentoring, multi-year international projects, counseling and various support initiatives are some of the ways we work. But whatever the form, the aim is always to improve journalism.

Here are a few things Fojo does to:

Strengthen free journalism

  • Support initiatives for self-regulation of the media.
  • Advice and help to use the Right To Information act.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of free journalism.
  • Support journalists and civil society representatives to defend their rights.

Support independent journalism

  • Support media houses to develop economically sustainable business models and technologies that guarantee economically and politically independent journalism.
  • Improve opportunities for journalists and the media to deal with threats, hatred, disinformation and self-censorship.
  • Increase safety for journalists.
  • Create awareness of the importance of independent journalism.

Promote professional journalism

  • Train and support media houses, journalists, bloggers and citizen journalists who meet the demands Fojo has on professional journalism.
  • Strengthen academic institutions that train journalists.
  • Be an arena for debate about the role of journalism in a democracy and human rights defender.


3. What we want to achieve

Fojo invests long-term – in everything we do. We believe this benefits journalism, democracy, sustainability and human rights.

In Fojo’s work to improve journalism, we work:

  • Demokratic.
    We apply a participatory, democratic and process-oriented approach, built on the respect of each individual.
  • Transparent.
    We are completely open and transparent with our funding and how we use our funds.
  • Equal.
    Everything we do is permeated by gender equality and a clear gender perspective. From planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Conflict Sensitive.
    In our international work we avoid amplifying conflicts. Good journalism must be sensitive to conflict, but still dare to raise important issues for minorities and other vulnerable groups. And don’t back down to review the power.
  • Sustainable.
    Financial, economic and social sustainability are key words in our business.

Do you want to know more?

We have produced a document that goes into detail in our strategy work. You can download the entire document via the button below.