Fojo has been working in Vietnam for nearly twenty years. In 1998, we began working with the Ministry of Information and Culture to train hundreds of journalists and editors from radio, television, print and online channels. The overall objective of this work has been based around:

  • promoting democracy through a more open, independent, and self-reliant media;
  • building high-quality journalism characterised by professionalism, integrity, and interaction with the audiences; and
  • promoting openness and democracy of media through improved capacity of Vietnamese journalists.

Between 2012 and 2014 with funding from DANIDA, Fojo worked with four provincial radio and television stations to help broadcasters create modern, converged/integrated newsrooms creating original content focused on the issue of most concern to their target audience, and delivered to whatever device that audience turns to for information. This all based on a clear shared vision by management and staff and team work with the audience in mind, instead of the traditional top-down one-way information flow.

Fojo is currently working with two journalism training organizations in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Journalists Training Centre and the Media Training Centre of the Ministry of Information and Culture as part of a project to strengthen the capacity of journalism training associations in Southeast Asia.


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