Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is slowly recovering from 30 years of civil war, during which the media was under siege. Fojo’s two main partners are contributing to professional standards in the media and advocating for continuous reforms allowing every man, woman, boy and girl to express themselves freely and have access to relevant information.

Fojo worked in Sri Lanka between 2003 -2013, a long-term involvement that supported the establishment of an infrastructure for the media with the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka (PCCSL), the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) and the Sri Lanka College of Journalism (SLCJ) based in Colombo. In the North, Fojo was engaged between 2007-2013, with the Media Resources and Training Centre, attached to the University of Jaffna, assisting in training the next generation of young journalists and establishing the first journalism degree course in the Tamil language.

SLPI, SLCJ, PCCSL and MRTC are now key actors in the Sri Lankan media development scene, and at the same time struggling to become sustainable beyond donor funding. This move from donor-funded to a self-sustaining model is immensely challenging for Fojo’s partners in Sri Lanka and requires confidence and strategic vision to achieve the free, independent and professional media the country deserves.

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