The Eastern Partnership region has been affected during the last 20 years by political and economic instability. The population of these countries has been subjected to social insecurity, radical changes of paradigms, and social status.

Fojo intends to reinforce existing networks In Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries through connecting them with national professional networks. Individual media organisations will stand stronger in their efforts to advocate for free, independent, professional media. Additionally, the networks will be essential to further develop the required skills in management, technical and journalistic performance. Poland participates in the network through sharing its experience.

Assistance to improve media management and business models is closely connected to the digital solutions being offered. The solutions will be tailored to the needs of each selected media house. Fojo’s work in this region will be focused on improving journalism quality and reducing costs.

Challenges for independent news media houses are both profound and global and thus valid for all countries targeted in the Fojo programme. There is therefore a keenly felt need to exchange experiences and engage in broad discussions on how independent media can overcome these challenges. We are hoping to offer forums and places for these kinds of exchanges between media professionals.



Veronika Menjoun

Programme Manager

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Diana Sander

Programme Coordinator

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Finance Officer

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