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Women and leadership in the news media 2020: evidence from ten markets

In this RISJ factsheet we analyse the gender breakdown of top editors in a strategic sample of 200 major online and offline news outlets in ten different markets across four continents.

Comparing gender and media equality across the globe

The aim of the Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe project – and of this book – is to examine the qualities, causes, and consequences of gender equality in and through the news media by employing a cross-national, comparative methodology.

Learning Resource Kit for Gender-Ethical Journalism and Media House Policy

The kit aims to address the gender gap in news content and lack of self-regulatory mechanisms to confront gender bias. It is organized in two books that may be read independently of each other.

Gender Ethics Compass

Designed for media professionals responsible for creating content, this GPS aims to catalyze critical reflection on the intersections between gender concerns and journalistic ethics.

SheSource Experts

An online database of women experts who have experience in media.

Driving Equality in News Media

WAN-IFRA Women in News partners with media organisations and individuals to close the gender gap in the news media. It believes that “balanced newsrooms, boardrooms and content are key to building resilient news organizations.

Reflect Reality

Various resources to advance the mission of building trust and sustainability for news media around the world.

Challenges and Aspirations of women Journalists in Asia and the Pacific

Research on media and gender in the Asia-Pacific region examines the experiences of women journalists in areas such as career progression, pay, cultural and social attitudes and challenges, and offers solutions to some of the issues.

Resources on Safety of Women Journalists

Resources on topics such as harassment, physical safety, online harassment, assistance, and reports and studies about women journalists’ safety.

The Missing Perspectives of Women in Covid-19 News, A special report on women’s under-representation in the news media

Examines women’s representation in COVID-19 newsgathering and news coverage in India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. The report uncovers a substantial bias towards men’s perspectives in both newsgathering and news coverage of the pandemic, spanning across all regions.

Handbook on Working Toward Equality in the Media: The IAWRT and the Gender Mainstreaming Project

Showcases IAWRT members’ experiences and best practices for working towards advancing gender equality in and on the media in Kenya, South Africa,Tanzania, India and Uganda.

Gender Gap Tracker

Measures the ratio of female to male sources quoted in online news coverage across some of Canada’s most influential national news media. By default, the graphs display the most recent week of data, but with a 3-day delay

Tackling the Underrepresentation of Women in Media

Presents lessons from the BBC 50:50 project and interviews with BBC staff “for any manager or leader aiming to shake up the status quo and improve diversity, equality, and inclusion in their organization

GIJN Guide: Resources for Women Journalists

A collection of resources on various topics including: Safety, Discrimination & Harassment, Mentors, Grants & Fellowships, Awards, Women Experts, Investigative Journalism, Stories by Women-Identifying Investigative Journalists, Career

Gender and Media Resource Guide

Media play an essential role in working towards gender equality in society. This Gender and Media Resource Guide is the place to find everything you need to promote gender equality in and through media

Equity and Inclusion Programme

This programme supports underprivileged, marginalised groups that are more likely to be discriminated against or to be forgotten in news coverage.

Gender Equity in the News Media: Analysis and Recommendations for Newsroom Leaders

Why should news industry leaders care about gender equity? What are the main challenges for women in the news media industry? How do we make a change?

Safety of women and non-binary journalists on and offline

Gender-based violence and harassment— both online and offline — is used to intimidate and silence female journalists, posing threats to press freedom. Online harassment has become a routine part of the job for many journalists, meaning they need to be aware and prepared. On this site, CPJ documents these violations, advocates for increased protections with newsrooms and technology platforms and provides specialized safety resources.

You’re probably not quoting enough women. Let us help you

A database of women, nonbinary, and people of colour from around the world who are experts on gender dimensions of media. Submissions of additional names and contact information are encouraged.