The Elephant: How safe is your drinking water?

Hem/Nyheter/The Elephant: How safe is your drinking water?

A4T grantee, and award-winning journalist, Stellar Murumba, published a story she had been investigating on the safety of bottled water being sold in Nairobi. Four out of 10 samples of bottled water picked from different areas of Nairobi that were submitted for analysis at the government chemist, were found to be unfit for human consumption.

The sampled water had high levels of fluoride – in excess of the World Health Organisation guideline limits of 0.3 parts per millilitre (ppm) for drinking water. They also had high levels of iron and were alkaline.

This story was first published on Kenya’s leading Daily Nation Newspaper (Online & Print), but was later pulled down from the online platform citing editorial reviews. This was later identified as a self-censorship act, out of pressure from a main advertiser mentioned adversely in the report, who threatened to pull out ad revenue if the story remained published.

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