Seminar that made difference

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“Recently, I was taking part in a seminar for journalists in abroad, where journalists from Azerbaijan were present. When, on the first day, the journalist of participating countries began to get acquainted with each other, Azerbaijani journalists did not greet me and my Armenian colleague, they perceived us as enemy. But, later, after overcoming some complexes, one of them who was working in one of the newspapers with big circulation, began to talk.” …Continue the article in Aravot here

This story is written by Gohar Hakobyan, who participated in a seminar organized by Fojo. Now, a month later, she publish an article in the paper Aravot which she share on Facebook, and where she gives us some reflections about how the seminar made difference.

Fojo organized the seminar for a group of reporters and media managers from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbajan, Ukraine and Belarus to stimulate trans-border discussion between representatives of media outlets and organisations from various former Soviet countries and discuss challenges that stand before the media as the society – and the media themselves – change .

The seminar created a good network and provided for interesting discussions and an exchange of ideas among the participants. It introduced new perspectives on the relationship between the authorities and the media, and, hence, new instruments to establish better relations.