Our Story 2018

In 2018, we have seen a growing animosity towards journalists in many countries. We have seen harassment of journalists and aggression against the media being openly encouraged by political leaders. We see that the space for a sound, deliberative democratic discussion is shrinking.

The best way to counter these anti-democratic trends is to strengthen free, independent and professional journalism. This is the core of Fojo’s mission, in Sweden and internationally. Jointly with our partners and individual journalists we engage in a wide range of activities to ensure that quality journalism is produced, ensuring that people in power are held to account.

It was an eventful year for Fojo:

In Sweden we trained more than 500 journalists, developed digital helpdesks on fact-checking and disinformation,
assisted media houses and journalists to deal with threats and harassment. We trained Swedish journalists on how and where to find the hidden stories in European politics and the EU.

In Eastern and Central Europe we supported independent media houses and their aspirations to become more professional and more financially sustainable.

In Kenya, we engaged journalists and civil society to increase transparency and decrease corruption in the education and health sector.

In Bangladesh, we cooperated with leading media houses, improving their investigative journalism – a contribution that significantly has increased the number of high-quality investigative stories produced in the country.

In Somalia, we have jointly with our Danish partner International Media Support (IMS) developed the entire media sector, under constant threat of terrorism.

In Ethiopia, we were one of the first international media organisations to assist with the democratisation of the media sector.

Globally, we have produced an extensive report and mapping on harassment against journalists, with a focus on female journalists, focusing on five countries in different parts of the world. We have also had a leading role in assisting media to improve structures for self-regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These are just a few samples of our broad support to free, independent and professional journalism. Through this booklet we wish to share some of our stories and to introduce you
to some of our staff, partners and journalists in our global network.

Published: 2019-04-01
Language: English
Editor: Anders Behrmann
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