Social Media and journalism in Ethiopia

An introduction to how social media influences sustainable, independent news publishing, freedom of speech and growth of democracy in Ethiopia. This against the backdrop of an intensified international debate and actions taken across the world to come to terms with social media platforms including the use of them by undisclosed political forces.

Christer L. Pettersson has prepared this report for Fojo Media Institute, Sweden with the assistance of Nigussu Solomon, in collaboration with Nubia Media and Communications Plc, Ethiopia. Photographer Michael Tewelde has taken the photos in the report, most of them during the conference ”Promoting journalism and democracy in Practices – Media reform in a time of change”, 9–10 April at UNECA, Addis Ababa.

Published: 2019-04-30
Language: English
Author: Christer L Pettersson
File size: 7MB

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