Rwanda: A radio show is born

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“Yeah! Huye Today Magazine! The show we just updated for you, dear listeners!”

Christophe sways in front of the microphone, with feeling in his resonant voice. Jean Claude, the co-host, picks up his part of the presentation right on cue. The two students sound like true professionals.

At Radio Salus, the student radio station of the School of Journalism at the University of Rwanda in Huye, the trainees quickly pick up the necessary skills to broadcast. They get to spend many intense and rewarding hours in the studio, doing their part of air time at one of Rwanda's most popular radio stations.

As a part of the cooperation between the School of Journalism and the Fojo Media Institute in Sweden, around 20 Radio Salus trainees received hands-on training in the form of workshops lead by professionals from Sweden in May and June of 2017.

Among other things a concept and content for the station’s new English speaking magazine was developed. With the support of Fojo volunteers Anna and Keith the workshop was wrapped up with a live-on-tape one hour broadcast. The show “Huye Today” was born!

The video clip is a teaser recorded during the recording session that wrapped up the two-day English Language Program Work Shop. The participants produced a pilot show called Huye Today, a magazine with news, actualities, features, and a sturdy entertainment and sports section.

Radio Salus broadcasts mainly in Kinyarwanda, but has also programs in the other languages spoken in the country, English, French and Swahili.

The scheduled program in English is called Friday Rock Jam, and airs Friday nights from 21.30 until midnight, and may be listened to online anywhere in the world.
Tune in and listen!

Anna Tainio, text
Keith Foster, video

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