Onushudan: Agriculture corruption

Hem/Nyheter/Onushudan: Agriculture corruption

Watch this episode where the team on the investigative show Onushudan shows how one low level official have the whole department in his hand. The corruption eradicates access to research and new cultivation methods for small farmers which don’t get the opportunity to increase their harvest or produce healthier crops.

His department is responsible for sharing the research and good practice in agriculture with the small farmers around the country. Thousands of officials should daily visit farmers around the country but there is now a lack of equipment and resources.

Onushudan reveals how the local level official are involved in a corrupt system where they pay most of the money back to one person. One person who for decades have built his network and maintains his political contacts, are still staid in his lower level official position to be able to control the payments.

Watch the show to see the intricate system he have built, and the consequences for those working to support poor farmers.