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‘Online journalism’ has become a mantra these days, its necessity made all the more obvious by situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. But the transition to news in digital spaces often takes place at a different pace, approach and context in Southeast Asia, especially in the CLMV countries – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

‘Online Journalism and Storytelling: A Learning and Training Kit’ offers a set of practice-based tools for brushing up on, and for teaching, journalism skills in digital spaces, drawing from perspectives that are grounded in the media realities of developing countries and Southeast Asia’s diverse settings.

Published in August 2020, the book goes through today’s digital culture, changing formats and platforms for news, tips for digital tools for better security and for producing online-friendly products. Indeed, journalistic skills and basic digital skills can no longer be separated from each other.

This kit also revisits what journalism is, since its core remains the same even while technology has changed – and will continue to change.

‘Online Journalism and Storytelling: A Learning and Training Kit’ contains exercises and presentation slides that can be adapted to the needs of journalists, trainers and teachers, news managers and communicators. In keeping with its regional flavour, the book is also available in Khmer, Lao, Burmese and Vietnamese.

Handbook in English:

Online Journalism and Storytelling – ENGLISH

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Slides for the handbook in English:

ENGLISH – Set of Slides Online Journalism and Storytelling Kit

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