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Wendelapriset 2021

Wendelapriset 2021 på 50 000 kronor, för bästa skrivna socialreportage, delas i år ut till Michael Verdicchio och Meli Petersson Ellafi för deras reportageserie Systrar i Göteborgs-Posten.

Myanmar journalists keen on gender as a reporting tool, survey shows

Myanmar journalists say they have not had much training on gender issues related to news reporting but know that having a gender perspective is an important journalistic skill – and would find it useful to get more, and deeper, training on using it to strengthen storytelling.

Trögt med jämställdheten i det globala nyhetsflödet

Det ser ut att dröja länge innan nyhetsinnehållet i världens medier blir jämställt. De senaste fem åren har utvecklingen i princip stått still. Men Sverige sticker ut och har tagit ett rejält kliv framåt.

It all starts with the Youth

Fojo-IMS supports a 12 month Media Literacy Empowerment project targeting high school students across Ethiopian regions.

Democracy Talks: Women in the News – Promoting gender equality in media

Rwanda has made great progress in gender equality and has an ambitious gender policy that cuts across all sectors of society. It is steadily among the top ten countries globally on the Gender Gap Index and the highest-ranking African country. It has made great strides in legal reforms and protection against violence is enshrined in law. Challenges remain, however.

Thai audiences seek trusted media, not just the quick one

The multi-skilled, multi-tasking and ever-mindful journalist is in demand in these times of media disruption in Thailand, as well as elsewhere in Southeast Asia. With the digitalisation of our information settings comes the need to update not just how news is reported, but the teaching and training of journalism itself.

In this chat, Jessada and Fojo Media Institute’s consultant Johanna Son discuss the challenges that our changed media settings pose on journalism today, why it is important to develop journalism learning tools that are contextualised in perspective and language.