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Rwanda: Annelie Frank shares her experience on being an expert mentor

Annelie Frank, Fojo’s own expert on fact-checking, worked as an expert mentor on the Rwanda Media Programme for two weeks recently. Being an expert mentor in Rwanda entails offering your expertise on a voluntary basis. We asked her what it was like to be an expert mentor for Fojo in Rwanda. 

Hotad mediefrihet?

Välkommen till ett viktigt seminarium om journalistik den 25 oktober i Stockholm.

Fojo i sameland

Sent i september tog en grupp journalister från hela Sverige tåget till Kiruna för att på nära håll utforska hur det är att vara urfolk i ett land som Sverige. 

Gender equality and media regulation: national study launch

Gender equality is a public interest issue, upheld in international norms and most national Constitutions as a fundamental human right, with laws prohibiting discrimination.
The clip is from the launch of country reports of in-depth investigation in Bangladesh, Rwanda, Somalia, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

Fojo 1972 – 2022 – Jonathan Lundberg

Jonathan Lundberg, journalist, writer and trainer at Fojo concluded the festivities at Fojo’s 50th anniversary jubilee lecture with a speech on how distrust of the media has grown within the populist right wing.

Fojo 1972 – 2022 – Abukar Aldabri

Journalists in Somalia are constantly living under (death) threats, but despite this Abukar Aldabri, experienced media developer, researcher, communications expert and author, tirelessly works to improve the conditions for media in the country, not the least for female journalists.

Fojo 1972 – 2022 – Hector Barajas

“Fojo is that vigorous, upright and brave parent, coach and tutor we all want alive for many years to come. Because our duty is to benefit society and it does not have a deadline.” /Hector Barajas, Editor-in-chief at Barometern OT.

How is climate change reported in South Africa?

We called up Enoch Sithole, journalism lecturer at the Wits Centre for Journalism, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, to find out more about how journalists and the media in South Africa report on climate change and what the public perception of it is. Fojo and Wits Centre for Journalism are long-term partners, currently working hand-in-hand to strengthen journalism’s contribution to a more sustainable world.