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Fojo och NJC anordnar kurs om Arktis


I ett samarbete mellan Fojo och NJC i Århus arrangerar NJC en kurs om Arktis i Tromsö för nordiska journalister 26-31 januari 2020

Great interest for Fake ≠ Fact exhibition in Addis Ababa

Bangla Vision has investigated an unbearable situation the fishermen and their families in Bangladesh face on a daily basis. It is an investigation that has inspired other reporters to do similar stories.

Fundraising Training in Hanoi: A fresh breeze of inspiration

Carrying a hope to have an independent funding source to be able to invest deeper for journalism training and a direction to become a financially independent organisation for Vietnam Journalism Training Centre (VJTC), the 3-day workshop on domestic fundraising was started in Hanoi on 8th July 2019.

Working Towards Better Journalism in Laos

In late November 2018, after two years of work with Laos partner the Institution for Mass Media Culture and Tourism (IMCT), Fojo organised the first training in Laos. The 4-day course was focused on “Online Journalism and Storytelling”.

When responsibility becomes an issue

Between 80 and 90 percent of all work in Bangladesh is carried out in informal sectors. It creates challenges for investigative journalism on the labor market, but also opportunities.

De är finalister till Wendelapriset 2019

Juryn för Wendelapriset 2019 för Sverige bästa socialreportage har under våren gått igenom 47 förslag på kandidater till Wendelapriset för bästa skrivna socialreportage i Sverige under perioden 1 mars 2018 till och med sista februari 2019.