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The long road to a hypothesis

How to write your hypothesis before pitching your investigative story to your editor? Or – in this case – to your lecturer?

World Press Freedom Day in Addis Abeba

Greetings from Fojo Head of Policy and International Development Lars Tallert, who is in Ethiopia celebrating World Press Freedom Day with Nubia Media journalist Hadra Ahmed and many others.

Fojo arrangerade en unik mediereformskonferens

Fojo arrangerade tillsammans med Sveriges ambassad i Etiopien och Nubia Media en konsultativ och regional konferens kring mediereformarbete där cirka 150 deltagare från nästan alla regioner i Etiopien samt deltagare från flera andra afrikanska länder.

“Be a news literate by checking your facts”

With the hike of digitalization across the globe, traditional media is not the only channel for distribution and consuming information. Everyday, social media platforms are flooded with filtered and/or unfiltered, verified and/or unverified information appeared as news.