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Online Journalism and Storytelling Kit

‘Online journalism’ has become a mantra these days, its necessity made all the more obvious by situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. But the transition to news in digital spaces often takes place at a different pace, approach and context in Southeast Asia, especially in the CLMV countries – Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Struggle of Myanmar Journalists Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic becomes an immediate threat for survival of many journalists in Myanmar on top of many other existing issues within the country’s journalism field.

Community media calms unrest related to COVID-19

Reliable information in local minority languages. This is the remedy used by the community media in Chin state to calm unrest and to make people protect themselves and others.

ASEAN’s Role on Rakhine: Big Outside, Little Known in Myanmar

From the outside, ASEAN has been testing the limits of its non-interference policy in ways never done before, being a diplomatic bridge to Myanmar while pressing it to address international criticism for its treatment of its Rohingya minority.

Community radio inspires young people in rural Myanmar

In a country such as Myanmar, marked by transition and deep wounds following five decades of military dictatorship, community radio – made by the community for the community, has a huge potential to bring together the communities and promote positive change.