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Covid-19 Second Wave: A Fragile State for Myanmar Journalists

Highly contagious Covid-19 virus second wave believed by health authorities that it ignited from Rakhine State in mid-August stormed off economic sector down in Myanmar and Yangon has become the epicenter of the outbreak.

Cambodia Needs Greater Effort to Protect and Respect Journalists

Phnom Penh–Cambodian journalist Khim Sambo penned an article in late June 2008 for the now-defunct opposition-affiliated newspaper “Khmer Conscience” describing how a senior police chief found himself in a gambling incident in a casino at eastern border town of Bavet.

Myanmar: Legal Reform is a ‘MUST’ for Genuine Media Freedom

This article assesses media freedom under the NLD Government by analyzing the situation of legal reform towards existing laws, which are frequently used to persecute journalists; the number of journalists being prosecuted; and the progress towards achieving right to information.

Axing Glass Ceiling in Myanmar Politics

Treating women as secondary class starting from family matter to politics is an open-secret in Myanmar. However, this narrative is expected to change a bit in near future.

COVID-19 and CLMV: Data-related Skills Needed – And Wanted

How to use data for better storytelling and how to produce infographics topped the online skills that journalists, trainers and news professionals from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) say are most needed in order to stay with COVID-19 as a long-running story.

Access to Information in Cambodia Amid the Pandemic

While the whole world celebrates the International Day for Universal Access to Information, as a journalist by profession, I am emboldened to write and share my thoughts on Cambodia’s right to information access and how this right has been affected during a time of crisis such as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Southeast Asia: Six Tips for Unpacking COVID-19 Numbers

Seven months since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Southeast Asia and five months since lockdowns of various kinds and names became part of everyone’s lives, a good number of people are experiencing fatigue over figures, an overload of statistics, around the pandemic.

Sexual harassment: Activities shine light on the dark side of Vietnamese journalism

More than 10 years ago when Nguyen Ngoc Diep started as an intern at a media house, learning how to interview sources and write a story were part and parcel of  building her career as a journalist, but learning how to avoid harassment and indecent proposals were the main challenges the young woman had to overcome.