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Promoting gender responsive media in Ethiopia

Promoting Gender Responsive Media in Ethiopia

The Swedish-Danish media development programme in Ethiopia, implemented by Fojo and IMS, will assist projects by ensuring that women are better represented at all levels of media sector organisations and in media coverage in Ethiopia. A new baseline study focusing on gender in the Ethiopian media landscape is published today.

Du firar inte internationella kvinnodagen i dag va?

Du firar inte internationella kvinnodagen i dag va?

Alltså, uppmärksamma den gärna, men visst kan vi vid det här laget vara överens om att vi inte firar att kvinnor och män fortfarande inte har lika lön för lika arbete? Eller att flickor och pojkar runt om i världen ges olika förutsättningar att leva ut sina drömmar (eller att ens få utbildning på lika villkor)? Eller att bolagsstyrelser och ledningsgrupper i världens storföretag ännu 2021 har en överväldigande majoritet vita män på sina zoom-möten? Det är faktiskt ingenting värt att fira.

First ever virtual Hackathon combating COVID-19 corruption in Kenya

The first ever COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon took place in Kenya in mid-February. A group of young creative Kenyan techies competed to develop the best way to visualise data on the COVID-19 Aid Tracker. The Aid Tracker is developed to track corruption of funds meant for activities combatting the effects of COVID-19.

Fact-checking and verification toolkit

All journalists play a key role in ensuring that the public is well-informed and protected from misinformation, which can cause real harm.

This fact-checking and verification toolkit was developed by Africa Check (January 2021), with the support from Fojo through the Consortium for Human Rights in Africa, CHARM-project.

Eyewitness from Myanmar

Last week a military coup overthrew the government in Myanmar, imprisoning the elected leaders and restricting access to independent information to the public and citizens. Fojo talked to a media professional living in Yangon (the largest city in Myanmar), about how the situation is unfolding.

New liberal media law in Ethiopia

Fojo and IMS will further support the historic media reform process for Africa´s second largest population