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 “Women must push for change”

Meet Munima Sultana, special correspondent at Financial Express, who, after working for more than ten years in the news agency took on the challenge of going into financial journalism – as one of very few women.

“We’ve reached a remarkable milestone”

Gender representation and gender based violence in the field of journalism has been a topic of discussion globally, and Somalia is no exception with a predominantly male dominated industry. The media landscape in the country has its own unique challenges, including limited resources, censorship, and an ongoing conflict. But although the challenges are many changes are being made.

Local voices unite across Ethiopia when 35 community radio stations gather

Community radio is still the most popular medium for receiving information in Ethiopia. For many people in rural areas, it is also the only way of accessing information. So when 35 community radio stations from across Ethiopia gather at a conference for the first time to discuss and learn, it has the potential to impact millions of people across the country. 

Fact-checking avgörande i konflikter

Desinformation, propaganda och det som kallas för fake news har blivit givna verktyg för en rad olika aktörer på världsarenan. Andreas Jahrehorn Önnerfors är projektledare och kursledare i fact checking på Fojo. Han ser hur detta blivit ett allt viktigare verktyg för journalistens dagliga arbete men kanske i synnerhet under konflikter som den som utspelar sig nu.

Kidist Dejene teaches media literacy to her community

Kidist Dejene was a student at Haramaya University when she was enrolled in a media literacy training provided by neighbouring Bahir Dar University. The training changed her views and gave her another perspective, teaching her to be skeptical, checking content before sharing it or taking it in. She found it so inspiring that she wanted to share the knowledge with her community.

Fojo to conduct its second media consumption survey in Rwanda

Fojo’s Rwanda Media Programme is set to conduct the second phase of its media consumption survey in early 2024. This survey follows the successful completion of the first survey in 2021, which aimed to assess the Rwandan media sector nationwide, including the rural areas which had not previously been included. 

Conference gathers Bangladeshi media around common challenges

The National Conference 2023: Journalism, Media & Communication at Jahangirnagar University campus took place on 3-4 October and ended up being the strong networking opportunity for Bangladesh’s media scene that the co-organisers Department of Journalism and Media Studies of Jahangirnagar University, MRDI, and Fojo Media Institute, Sweden had hoped for.  The thematic focus of this two day conference was deliberately broad – including many of the core areas of MRDI’s and Fojo’s joint programme in Bangladesh, such as bridging the gap between newsroom and classroom, gender equality in the news industry as well as digital transformation and the importance of fact-checking practices.