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University learning tour

Fojo recently arranged a university exchange network tour to Rwanda, bringing together nine academics from as many universities in Ethiopia, Somalia and Rwanda.

Rwanda: Annelie Frank shares her experience on being an expert mentor

Annelie Frank, Fojo’s own expert on fact-checking, worked as an expert mentor on the Rwanda Media Programme for two weeks recently. Being an expert mentor in Rwanda entails offering your expertise on a voluntary basis. We asked her what it was like to be an expert mentor for Fojo in Rwanda. 

Rwanda media viability program launched in Kigali

Fojo and its local partner Pax Press just launched one of the most ambitious projects ever in the country, designed to enhance media management and media professionalism for private and non-profit media companies in Rwanda.

Democracy Talks: Women in the News – Promoting gender equality in media

Rwanda has made great progress in gender equality and has an ambitious gender policy that cuts across all sectors of society. It is steadily among the top ten countries globally on the Gender Gap Index and the highest-ranking African country. It has made great strides in legal reforms and protection against violence is enshrined in law. Challenges remain, however.

Rwanda: Fighting rumors and fake news about Covid-19

“Reporting news is the job of a journalist but giving verified information is the responsibility and courtesy we owe our audience”, says Francine Mukase Freelancer with Pax Press.