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Trauma training helps reporters deal with conflict’s aftermath

Many women journalists in Ethiopia’s Tigray region have faced the trauma of covering a devastating civil war. To help them heal and continue their vital work, Fojo, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Womens’ Media Association recently organised a training focused on mental health and trauma reporting.

Declaration on media and gender violence adopted at AWIM23

Representatives from the media sector, academia and civil society unanimously adopt declaration on gender-based violence in and through the media at AWIM23.

 “Women must push for change”

Meet Munima Sultana, special correspondent at Financial Express, who, after working for more than ten years in the news agency took on the challenge of going into financial journalism – as one of very few women.

“We’ve reached a remarkable milestone”

Gender representation and gender based violence in the field of journalism has been a topic of discussion globally, and Somalia is no exception with a predominantly male dominated industry. The media landscape in the country has its own unique challenges, including limited resources, censorship, and an ongoing conflict. But although the challenges are many changes are being made.

Gender study launched in Somalia 

A new study, that will be distributed to all media houses in Somalia, highlights opportunities and gaps in laws and regulations on gender equality in the media and suggests areas of development. The study was presented and launched in front of media directors and practictioners, civil society members and government officials in Mogadishu earlier this week.

Directory of experts to amplify Ethiopian women’s voices in the media

Ethiopian women are far less likely to be used as media information sources than their male counterparts. To help amplify women’s voices, the Ethiopian Media Women Association, EMWA, has developed a directory of women experts to fill the gender gap and challenge stereotypes. 


I dagens samhälle med ökad konkurrens och större utbud, bidrar ökad mångfald inte bara till en bättre journalistik utan även till en bredare läsekrets. För Daniel S. Ogalde är mångfald en grundläggande byggsten i hållbar journalistik.