Code of Conduct for Elections signed by Puntland journalists

24 juni, 2013

The young media sector is determined to cover the elections in a responsible way, meaning they would like to have the freedom to cover in a journalistic way and have access to information, but at the same time not jeopardizing the fragile peace. This formed the basis of the Code of Conduct for the elections.

The Ministry of Information supports the development of the Code of Conduct for elections as a self-regulatory tool. 'I appreciate the journalists who take responsibility to implement this Code and am happy to see that journalists are committed despite the difficult conditions', said Minister of Information Mohammud Aidid Dirir. 'We give you the space to implement this and to charge yourself if you make mistakes. The code is about self-commitment, you should be faithful to it. We support good reporting', he said.

The Minister also looked forward to developing a general Code of Conduct for the media in Puntland as well as a media law. Currently a draft media bill is under discussion with various media stakeholders. 'We urge you to contribute to the media law, we need your input. It is a joint venture, let's work hand in hand', he said.

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