Media in Exile: Problems and solutions

19 juni, 2013

A baseline assessment of the status, professional and ethical quality of output of our exile media partners at the start of the new project phase was seen by Fojo and the funders (the Swedish Government's Special Initiative for Democratization and Freedom of Expression) as essential.

And with training at the heart of the project, an assessment of training needs among Fojo's exiled media partners was needed as a baseline for planning activities and measuring outcomes and as a resource for media in development agencies offering training.

InterMedia Research and Consulting Europe, an independent and non-profit research centre, was commissioned to produce the report, which was presented for review to the partners at the Fojo Exiled Media International Training Conference in Kalmar earlier this year.

Key findings included:

·      A lack of knowledge about what training opportunities are available to help them strengthen their institutional journalism capacity.

·      Lack of time and money and an absence of internal training and mentoring among exiled media have led to low levels of engagement to training.

·      A gap exists between the main challenges facing exiled media – managing staff and virtual newsrooms, financial sustainability and internal training resources - and stated training needs.

·      A need for better communication between donors, Media Development actors and exiled media outlets about training needs.

·      A strongly expressed need for a coordinated network for exiled media.

The results of this assessment have formed the starting point for Fojo's 3 year programme of in-house workshops in Basic Journalism and Ethics, Multi-Platform Journalism and Convergence and Newsroom Management and Mentoring, as well as regional workshops in Financial Sustainability and Business Models and Training of Trainers for the Newsroom.

Information about these trainings and others provided by our partners and colleagues in Media Development will be posted and regularly updated on the Exiled Media page. The full report, Independent Media in Exile: A Baseline Study can be downloaded as a pdf.

You can also find some more information at Intermedia.


A comment we have got:

"I must congratulate you for this very professional and informative study. A potential donor who wanted to see views from an independent source once asked me for similar studies but I had none. The study not only helps stakeholders but also help us to see the whole exiled media in perspective.

Thank you, again."

Fiona Barton

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