Vietnamese Local Media Meet Their Audience

21 mars, 2013

All these activities are part of the FOJO media development project in Vietnam funded by DANIDA and are the first of their kind in Vietnam.

The project is training regional TV and radio stations in market research methods, with the aim of knowing more about audience needs in order to improve programming and in general connect better to the local communities they are serving.

Vietnamese local media know very little about media usage and how the audience perceive and use their media channels.

The FOJO project tries to fill this gap with training and test projects using different kinds of research methods - always small scale and targeted to specific and actual needs in the station. Until now the surveys, audience panels and focus groups have covered different segments such as rural population, minorities, urban decision makers, advertisers, urban and rural women and teenagers.


This component of the FOJO project is implemented by the consultant and media advisor Søren Østergaard Sørensen from Denmark.

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