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Media viability in Ethiopia – A digital transformation

In response to the challenges faced by Ethiopian media outlets, Fojo, with support from SIDA and Danida, has spearheaded a transformative initiative to enhance media viability. As a result, The Reporter, a prominent media outlet, has gained substantial online traction and monetised its digital platforms.

Paul Rapacioli blir ny verksamhetschef på Fojo

Paul Rapacioli blir ny verksamhetschef på Medieinstitutet Fojo vid Linnéuniversitetet. Hans uppgift blir att stärka journalistik i Sverige och internationellt.

”AI kan göra det tråkiga arbetet”

Lasse Edfast har många år bakom sig som journalist. I maj nästa år kommer han leda kursen ”Avancerad AI för vanliga journalister”. Vi tog ett litet snack om den senaste tekniken som beskrivits som framtiden men även det största hotet mot mänskligheten.

Expanding voices: Empowering communities through local radio

Ethiopia struggles with language barriers and low literacy rates along with poor access to information in rural communities. Community radio addresses these issues and bridges the gap by providing a platform that amplifies local voices, languages and cultural expressions.

Declaration on media and gender violence adopted at AWIM23

Representatives from the media sector, academia and civil society unanimously adopt declaration on gender-based violence in and through the media at AWIM23.

 “Women must push for change”

Meet Munima Sultana, special correspondent at Financial Express, who, after working for more than ten years in the news agency took on the challenge of going into financial journalism – as one of very few women.

“We’ve reached a remarkable milestone”

Gender representation and gender based violence in the field of journalism has been a topic of discussion globally, and Somalia is no exception with a predominantly male dominated industry. The media landscape in the country has its own unique challenges, including limited resources, censorship, and an ongoing conflict. But although the challenges are many changes are being made.