Fojo Media Institute and International Media Support (IMS) express their condolences to the Makamba family on the death of journalist Zororo Makamba who succumbed to Covid-19 on 23 March 2020.

From testimonials from his colleagues in the media industry, Zororo had a promising career in the media and his death is a great loss, not only to his family but the whole media sector in Zimbabwe. His death robs Zimbabwe of young talent at a time the Zimbabwe government is opening the media sector to new players.

Zororo becomes the first victim of the pandemic in Zimbabwe and while the nature of his infection has not been connected to his work, his death brings into focus the need for media houses and authorities to consider more protection for journalists who are at the frontline on reporting on Covid-19.

In this regard we share the calls by our Zimbabwe media partners the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum (ZINEF) and the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) that media houses do more to safeguard the health of journalists.

Journalists and all media operators play an important role in these trying times by informing and educating audiences and by facilitating dialogue, building national coherence and ensuring critical perspectives on authorities’ decisions in the fight to curb the pandemic.

The government and other key stakeholders would be wise to consider ways to support this crucial sector.

Fojo Media Institute and International Media Support stand strong in our continuous support to strengthen the Zimbabwean media sector during these challenging times.