Fundraising Training in Hanoi: A fresh breeze of inspiration

VJTC's staff review the training using five-finger rule.
VJTC's staff review the training using five-finger rule.

Carrying a hope to have an independent funding source to be able to invest deeper for journalism training and a direction to become a financially independent organisation for Vietnam Journalism Training Centre (VJTC), the 3-day workshop on domestic fundraising was started in Hanoi on 8th July 2019.

The training, with the participation of the whole centre with 8 staff members; 4 women and 4 men, is supported by Southeast Asia Media Training Network (SEAMTN), the SEA project of Fojo Media Institute, to assist building capacity for media training institutes in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

For the first time, they have an opportunity to access to theory and definitions of business fundraising, as well as relevant models used in Vietnam.

“It’s like a fresh air opening up my eyes. Before the course, I merely think that fundraising is about mobilising money but it’s actually much more than that.”

“It’s about building relationship, networking, digging possible resources and follow up to,” said Long Dang, a training officer with VJTC since 2016.

VJTC’s Nhan explains her method approaching sponsor to her colleagues and the trainer.

The second day started with practice and reflection when participants were sent out to talk to potential sponsors with hand-on coaching session. A full set of centre’s fundraising strategy and action plan with realistic targets has been built by the end of an intensive but exciting and funny day.

“Having a trainer speaking the same language with international experience, who knows how to inspires participants, is exactly what we want”, said Dinh Thi Thuy Hang, the director of VJTC.

During the training, VJTC staff have discussed to come up with a specific plan to raise fund for its 20th years anniversary in November.

“By going through some sample plans with the trainer, we realised we missed to push out so much of our strength and ability previously. I hope after this workshop, half of my staff can use knowledge they have learnt from the course to implement right away,” said Hang.

The training includes two phases of in-house training, with a target to finalise a detail fundraising action plan for the centre and a coaching process to provide further guidance for the centre’ staff when they start approaching potential sponsors and donors.

“The team now has a concrete plan and they will have to get out and really start doing it. Nothing can be sure right now about the success but how far they can go and how creative they become will depend a lot on the leadership of the centre,” said Tran Vu Ngan Giang, an independent fundraising consultant who led the workshop.