Abditahman Yusuf Al-adala, Director General, Ministry of Information.

“I hope I will get useful knowledge from this course, to become even more professional in my journalistic career.”

Ikram Dahir Abdirahman is one of 46 journalists who this week joined a diploma course offered by the Journalism Faculty of the Somali National University in collaboration with the Fojo Media Institute and International Media Support.

After a total collapse of the academic space in Somalia due to the civil war, the journalism faculty reopened in 2017, after a hiatus of 26 years.

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Today it is home to three classes of undergraduate students, and in its latest move, has launched a diploma course for working journalists, much-needed in a country where generations of journalist have received no formal education.

“The course will focus on safety of journalists, digital journalism, investigative journalism as well as media law and ethics. We chose these areas based on the biggest gaps among working Somali journalists,” says Abdulkadir Diesow, dean of the faculty.

Other subjects that will be taught are media sociology, principals of media, computer skills and Somali language.

Altogether 46 journalists, of which 15 are women, will participate in the course, which runs till the end of July 2020.