Rwanda: The course “TV Production Skills” has just started

The second day of the course TV Production Skills at the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC), at the University of Rwanda in Kigali. It´s the 2nd year class of about 130 students that have the course, that runs between February 5 to March 2 2018.

Felix Larnö is filming while Daniel Jonsson is in front of the students. Felix and Daniel are two Swedish volunteers that participate at the project that Fojo runs at SJC.

Every semester Fojo sends 5-10 experienced Swedish journalists as volunteers to SJC. The volunteers provide practical training and personal feedback to students and lecturers, while at the same time they help students understand media’s social, economic and political role in a democracy and make sure they are able to conduct professional journalism in an evolving media landscape.

Fojo Media Institute
Fojo is an independent institution at the non-profit public Linnaeus University, one of Sweden’s biggest universities. In this capacity, Fojo stands free from commercial and political interests, free to make independent decisions on how to serve journalism, freedom of expression and democracy. Fojo works to promote free, independent and professional journalism around the world.