I am Su Myat Wai, a fulltime journalism trainer for Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI)
since February 2015.

Before joining MJI, I worked for Kumudra and Modern Weekly Journal, Mizzima Newspaper and Channel NewsAsia as both a reporter and as an editor. After spending 13 years as a working journalist, I turned myself as a media trainer. With MJI, I joined specialized trainings in business reporting, election reporting, conflict sensitive journalism training, basic news journalism, community radio, data journalism, environmental reporting, video and newsroom management. I also took an intensive six-month Training of Teachers Course.

I hold a bachelor degree in English Language from Dagon University. In July 2018, I received a month long United State Scholarship on “Journalism and Media”.

As an MJI’s staff participant, I have participated in the workshops and trainings organized by Southeast Asia Media Training Network (SEAMTN) project since November 2017.

I joined series of interactive activities such as Leadership and Management Training, Partners’ Meeting, in which I learned new perspectives and experiences from other regional journalism institutions based in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

I was able to collect information and knowledge from other trainings, which I didn’t join, via SEAMTN’s group facebook group.

In 2018, I joined the Course Design on Training for Trainers (TOT) and Gender Course and Auditing. Based on all the knowledge and learning from these trainings, me and my colleagues from MJI, produced the curricula for “Gender Reporting” and “Training for Trainers”.

In December 2017, when SEAMTN project provided the activity of Collaborative Bidding Process (CBP), I volunteered to take lead from planning (proposal, budget, producing training materials) to implementation in three regions of Myanmar, to report writing.

For CBP activity, me and my colleagues produced the curriculum on “Water Pollution”, which become sustainable material for our future environmental trainings. While operating CBP, I have learnt how to run a project, especially in collaboration with other institute from different countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. Such collaboration provided in widening my spectrum of perspective and knowledge.

Besides, this activity created a chance for me to upgrade my professional by going through the process of learning knowledge and methods specially on trainings, and producing the suitable materials for our trainees. Additionally, this is the first time for me to lead a project accord with international standard.

The experience is beyond my day-to-day role as a trainer. At the end of the project activities, I found my improvement in management and problem – solving skills within my

Every project bears seen and unseen challenges. I found our challenge in collaborating with
Cambodia Communication Institute (CCI), one of our project partners, from Cambodia. As our collaborative partner, we sent two MJI’s trainers to share our knowledge and skills with CCI’s during their implementation of CBP.

This is the first of its kind to do lecture in abroad, which has never been supported before. The challenge is language barrier. I believe my trainers are good at teaching yet our trainers need to upgrade their language skill. However, I see this complaint as a constructive criticism for the growth of MJI’s staffs. During the partners’ meeting hosted by SEAMTN in September 2018, I discussed about this challenge with other institutes so that how we can prepare better in future. We also agreed to negotiate details by taking more time and collaborate to find solution, if we have any collaborations in future.

I believe the process I went through is a good example to overcome any seen and unseen
challenges in future.

I believe the SEAMTN project is a great opportunity for me and my colleagues to learn new
knowledges, and to expand our network and resources to regional and international. I
do hope to engage and learn more with this project in future.

On behalf of MJI, heartfelt thanks to Fojo Media Institute for supporting me, my colleagues,
and Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) in striving our path to be a professional and
independent institute while delivering journalism courses.”


Report by Yu Lwin Soe and Nai Nai


Post Note: In March 2019, as a Senior Media Trainer, Su Myat Wai joins hands with
an international media training organization, Internews (Myanmar).